Jute is a sturdy natural organic fiber which is the most Eco-Friendly, biodegradable and recyclable natural fiber in the world. Jute is obtaining from the plants Co chorus olitorius and corchorus capsularis.  These plants are native to the Indian-subcontinent and are grown throughout the year. The jute fibers are mainly concentrated near the woody, central parts of the stalk. They are composed of cellulose and lignin. Jute fiber is 100% Biodegradable, carbon free, durable and recyclable and thus Environment-Friendly. Temperature is passed in the fiber slowly because of the low thermal conductivity. Moisture regain properties are good enough (about 13.75%). Tensile   strength is high. It is also highly breathable, can be died by basic (Reactive Dyes) and comfortable to use. Other advantages of jute include good insulating and antistatic properties as well as having low thermal conductivity and the absences of skin irritation characteristics. New environmental movements geared towards a more sustainable and environment friendly approach to packaging aims to provide a biodegradable, carbon free and fur more durable solution- Jute-made bags can be a great alternative.


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Jute Carrier Bags