When the world is anxious about ecological impact of polythene and polythene bags, right then people are going to get a solution for it from the world around. Several times many biodegradable and eco-friendly bags have been inaugurated all over the world but not endured due to high price. Since many previous inventions could not sustain in the market because of high price, it is a big challenge for this - Cotton & Jute bags- to keep the price reasonable and feasible for the mass people. On the other hand, -Eco-Bag House- is passionate about the Environment and trying to make a positive impact. We design, manufacture and directly sell premium Eco-Friendly products to environmentally concerned consumers. We promise to give you the- Best quality products with Exceptional customer service at a great price. As socially responsible company we also care about environmentally Friendly production processes since 2018. We have been subjecting our products to independent pollutant tests and thus offering our customer BSTI- certified. Thus our production processes are certified Environmentally Friendly. We believe- Using Cotton & Jute is the easiest way to be Green. Our Moto is - Save Environment- Save Life.

Cotton & Jute is an Eco-Friendly alternative for a sustainable Future- we recognize that many industrial processes and practices are harmful to the environment and exploit the world's natural resources. It is this awareness that has motivated us to develop a product that provides businesses and organizations with a sustainable marketing solution that also demonstrates- Green Credentials to our clients around the world.

Say No to Plastic!

Save Environment, Safe Life.

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Why Green Purchasing

A big part of our overall green living plan should be to practice the art of Green Purchasing as often as possible. Green Purchasing means that we consciously think about the environmental impact of the products we're buying. Our goal should to consume fewer resources, conserve energy and produce less waste.

As the concept of Green Living has been gaining popularity day by day, many supermarkets/stores/brands have begun to provide their customers with an Environment- Friendly alternative to shop. When you're doing business with the Environment in mind, you're not only doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint, you're also encouraging other productions of more environmentally friendly goods.

Save Environment, Safe Life.