Cotton is a soft fiber that develops in a capsule around seeds of cotton plants of the genus Gossipier. It is a natural and pure cellulose fiber that is weaved into thread to make cotton fabric. It is organic and carbon free. No allergy to our hands while using cotton bags whereas as you can get skin allergy if you go on touching plastic bags constantly. Cotton fabric is used for various purposes like clothing, textiles and bags. Cottoned bags are stronger when compared to other bags and carry medium to heavy weight material in it. Again, cotton is a natural material that is fully biodegradable environment friendly, soft-touch and longer living than normal paper bag. On Cotton different printing of images is possible, high recycling possible as well as 100% reusable and durable. Also, using cotton bags means - No harm to Land, Water or Air. Thus, cotton bags are simple, cool and when added with accessories, make it more pleasant. Moreover, cottoned bags can be available in vibrant colors, shapes and different patterns. Cotton made bags can be used for promotional offer by the companies who want to promote their products and build a brand name with---Eco-Friendly. Their brand names and logos are printed on the cotton bags to give the publicity too. Now a day's most of the supermarkets/branded products are offering cottoned bags carriers in place of plastic carriers and they are really adding a great effort towards the Global Warming. Thus, cotton made products is getting very popular in the present scenario of Environment Friendly Atmosphere. If you love your nature and help to save our beloved Environment, you need to use Eco-Friendly Cotton again and again and again. Environment topics that we're very passionate about, hopefully awareness will lead to behavioral changes.


Being green is not a binary choice like yes/no. It's more complex than that. There's a board range of ways to make a difference and some easy things can have a big effect. That's where we like to focus, being the "most" green in a feasible way.


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