Eco Bag House was established in 2018 to offer an eco friendly alternative to disposable carrier/shopping/grocery bags. Our aspiration for eco-friendly & green environment is the essence of our operations. The process of recycling plastic bags is too high leading to harsh economics. Of what we throw out as wastes, a lot end up in contaminating soil and waterways also affecting wild life. We design, manufacture and directly sell premium Eco-friendly products to environmentally concerned customers. We promise to give you the Best quality products with Exceptional customer service at a Great price. We believe in making Cotton & Jute shoppers an affordable alternative for everyone, everywhere.

Our wide product portfolio includes cotton & Jute shoppers, Pharmacy Carrier Bags, Cake carrier Bags as well as promotional Canvas and Tote bags. The size and scale might have changed, but the quality of the service we offer has always remained the same. We are committed to reduce waste, increase recycling, reduce pollution, and our carbon footprint, and increase the use of eco-friendly, sustainable products.

Join hands with us and make a difference!!!



If you are happy then so are we! It may sound very simple, but that is the foundation of our ethical approach at Eco Bag House, for both people and the environment. We care about the world being a happier place and we recognize our responsibility as a global business to do all we can to have a positive impact and to reduce any negative impacts of our trade - producing Cotton/ Jute bags.


All operations must be undertaken within the legal framework of the country of operation and comply with legal requirements in the country of use.



All discussions, shared data and knowledge will remain confidential between us at all times unless otherwise mutually agreed.


We at Eco Bag House want to build a long-term relationship that enables us to enjoy shared prosperity in future.

So a valued customer of Eco Bag House you can expect the following:

*      Will be honest and open

*      Will endeavor to deliver on time and will communicate along the way

*      Will communicate openly and honestly

*      Will invoice you on time

*      Will give you honest feedback if you want it

*      Competitive price

Quality, price and service are our strength.



Mostafa Zaman Masud


Rashel Rahman

Senior Account Manager

Shamim Mahboob

Sales Administrator

Rakib Hasan

Office Manager



Say no plastic!

Save environment, save life.